Shree Ganesha Palace


An Exotic traditional 102 Years old heritage Palace. The splendid Example of regal Indo- Sirenic Architecture, the palace combines of best of Mugal, Bengauli & Indian Style. Over the past one century, the Bengauli saints build up this palace and 86 years ago the property was purchased by Lakhmani family (Grand father – Late Sundar Das Lakhmani), since then three generation of Lakhmani Family have enjoyed the timeless grandeur of this magnificent and stately setting, attracted by the relaxed aristocratic - feel. Handsomely located in the heart of the city,Girjaghar Godowlia - , shree ganesha palace- the heritage property is an appealing treat of regal architecture, plush hospitality and princely ambiances.


SHREE GANESHA RESIDENCY - the heritage property has been soulfully renovated to preserve its supreme level of comfort and flair. Located in the heart of the city, known as Girjaghar Godowlia. Off the main Road, inside a small lane 25 feet wide and 15 meter long lane which separates the palace from the busyness of the road, with a totally different royal ambience of 9000 sq. ft of land with a Courtyard, patio & terrace restaurant.

Stay is heavenly in luxurious room or choose suite room to experience the illustrious hospitality or enjoy Banarasi food at the marbalized open patio, with traditional classic musical shows in evening or morning yoga classes.